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Sura 6, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*6:19 This verse proclaims the Quran as the only source of religious guidance. Those who uphold additional sources, such as Hadith & Sunna (lies attributed to the Prophet), are defined as idolaters.

*6:23 Now and forever, the idol worshipers vehemently deny that they are idolaters.

*6:28 This is because as soon as we enter into our worldly dimension, we become totally unaware of events in the dimension of souls, where God and His angels, and Heaven and Hell, can be seen. Thus, the guilty will not change their behavior, even after seeing that eternal dimension.

*6:38 Animals were among the creatures who took advantage of God's offer to repent after committing the original sin (see the Introduction).

**6:38 All information relevant to our eternal life of the Hereafter is contained in the Quran. The true believers accept, without hesitation, God's assertion: ``We did not leave anything out of this book.'' The importance of this statement, and similar statements, is reflected in the fact that each of them consists of 19 Arabic letters (Appendix 19).

*6:44 Before the guilty are thrown out the window, they are taken up to a high floor.

*6:60 The righteous do not really die; they go straight to the same Paradise where Adam and Eve once lived. The unrighteous die and experience a nightmare that lasts until the Day of Resurrection (see 2:154, 3:169, 8:24, 16:32, 22:58, 36:26-27, 40:46, 44:56, and Appendix 17).

*6:92 Today's ``most important community'' is America, where God's message is being restored. When the Quran was revealed, Mecca was the most important community.

*6:113 The Quran provides criteria that tell us whether we truly believe in the Hereafter or merely give it lip service. These important criteria are stated here, and in 17:45-46 and 39:45. *6:113-115 Upholding any source beside the Quran reflects disbelief in the Quran (Appendix 18).

*6:113-115 Upholding any source beside the Quran reflects disbelief in the Quran (Appendix 18).

*6:113-115 Upholding any source beside the Quran reflects disbelief in the Quran (Appendix 18).

*6:121 Dietary prohibitions instituted by other than God represent idolatry.

*6:124 Jealousy and ego are human traits that provoke some people to question God's wisdom in selecting His messengers. Corrupted Muslim scholars have uttered this same utterance regarding the revelation of the Quran's mathematical code through God's Messenger of the Covenant.

*6:125 Centuries after the revelation of the Quran, we learned that the proportion of oxygen diminishes as we climb towards the sky, and we gasp for air.

*6:137 A perfect example is the internationally infamous incident of the execution of a Saudi Arabian princess in 1978 for alleged adultery. God's law institutes whipping, not execution, as a punishment for adultery (24:1-2), while the idolatrous laws stipulate execution. As pointed out in 42:21, the traditionalists follow a religion that is not authorized by God.

*6:141 Zakat charity is so important, the Most Merciful has restricted His mercy to those who give it (7:156). Yet, the corrupted Muslims have lost this most important commandment; they give Zakat only once a year. We see here that Zakat must be given away "on the day we receive income." The proportion that came to us through Abraham is 2.5% of our net income.

*6:145-146 Only four kinds of animal products are prohibited: animals that die of themselves, running blood (not trapped within the meat), the meat of pigs, and animals dedicated to other than their Creator. Verse 146 informs us that such prohibitions are very specific; God prohibits either ``the meat'' or ``the fat,'' or both, if He so wills.

*6:149 The Quran's mathematical code is a tangible and utterly incontrovertible proof that this is God's message to the world. It takes divine intervention to prevent any reader from appreciating this extraordinary phenomenon, then falling prostrate, and accepting this overwhelming miracle (see 17:45-46, 18:57, 56:79, and Appendix One).

*6:157 The role of the Quran's mathematical code is evident from the fact that the sum of the verse number (157) plus the gematrical value of "Rashad Khalifa" (1230), through whom the code was revealed, gives 1387, or 19x73.

*6:158 After believing, the soul must grow and develop through the worship practices prescribed by God.

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The answers provided by Abe and friends represent the understanding of the
writers, and should not be taken as the only acceptable approach. The reader is encouraged to research the topics further using the Quran.

Disclaimer: Abe and friends condemn all acts of violence, suicide bombings, and terrorism enacted under the banner of Islam.

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