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Sura 46, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*46:6 See also Matthew 7:21-23: Jesus clearly disowns those who call him ``Lord.''

*46:10 This witness is Rabbi Judah the Pious (11th Century A.D.), who discovered the same 19-based mathematical code in intact fragments of the scripture (see Appendix 1).

*46:15 God knows full well who deserves to go to Heaven and who deserves to go to Hell. It is His law that whomever He puts to death before the age of 40 shall go to Heaven. God's immense mercy is reflected in the fact that most people have difficulty accepting this divine mercy; they argue: ``Put them in Hell!'' See Appendix 32.

*46:29 Jinns are the creatures who fully agreed with Satan when he initiated his famous blasphemy billions of years ago. They are brought into this world as descendants of Satan. One jinn is born every time a human being is born. The newly born jinn is assigned to the same body as the newly born human, and constantly pushes Satan's point of view (Appendix 7).

*46:35 Quranic and mathematical evidence proves that the messenger addressed here is Rashad Khalifa. By adding the gematrical value of "Rashad Khalifa" (1230), plus the sura number (46), plus the verse number (35), we get 1311, or 19x69. This conforms with the Quran's code (App 2).

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