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Sura 43, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*43:1 See Footnote 40:1. The frequency of occurrence of the letters "H" (Haa) and "M" (Meem) in the seven H.M.-initialed suras is 292, and 1855, respectively. This adds up to 2147, or 19x113.

*43:3 Arabic is the most efficient language, especially in expressing commandments, statutes and exacting laws. Hence the revelation of the Quran in Arabic for the clear understanding of all peoples, regardless of their tongues. See Appendix 4 for the details.

*43:5 This refers to our original sin as detailed in the Introduction and Appendix 7.

*43:20 The idol worshipers cannot blame God for their idolatry, since we have absolute freedom of choice to worship God alone, or not.

*43:36-39 Each one of us has a representative of Satan as a constant companion (Appendix 7).

*43:38 The "easts" imply the locations of sunrise, moonrise, and the rising of heavenly bodies.

*43:43 The sum of the gematrical value of "Rashad Khalifa" (1230) plus 43 is 1273, 19x67.

*43:61 As detailed in Appendix 25, the End of the World is given in the Quran, and the birthdate of Jesus provided one of the significant signs that the calculations are correct. We learn that the world will end in the year 2280 (19x120) after the birth of Jesus (see 47:18). Additionally, both the lunar year (1710) & the solar year (2280) are divisible by 570 (19x30), the number of years from the birth of Jesus to the birth of Muhammad. Thus, the birthdate of Jesus is a marker.

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