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Sura 39, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*39:5 This verse clearly informs us that the earth is round. The Arabic for ``He rolls'' (Yukawwir) is derived from the Arabic word for ``ball'' (Kurah). Since the Earth is not exactly round, a specific reference to its shape is given in 79:30. The Quran is replete with scientific information that became known to us centuries after the revelation of the Quran. See Appendix 20.

*39:45 Despite the clear commandment in 3:18 that the First Pillar of Islam is proclaiming: ``Ash-hadu An Laa Elaaha Ellaa Allah (there is no other god beside God),'' the majority of ``Muslims'' insist upon adding the name of Muhammad. This Greatest Criterion alerts us that rejoicing in adding the name of Muhammad, or any other name, exposes disbelief in the Hereafter. See also Footnote 17:46.

*39:67 Our universe, with its billion galaxies, a billion trillion stars, uncountable decillions of heavenly bodies, spanning many billions of light-years, is the smallest and innermost of seven universes. This incomprehensible vastness of the seven universes is within God's hand. Such is the greatness of God. See Appendix 6.

*39:68 The sequence of events on the Day of Resurrection begins with the symbolic blowing of the horn. The second blowing of the horn - by a creature who was spared from unconsciousness - marks the resurrection of all people; they will be resurrected on today's earth. This earth will then be destroyed by the physical coming of God, then a new earth and new heavens will be created (14:48). We will then be stratified according to our degree of development (Appendix 11).

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