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Sura 14, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*14:1 These initials remained a divinely guarded secret until the Quran's mathematical code was discovered in 1974 A.D. See Appendix 1 for the significance of these initials.

*14:17 When we rebelled against God, and agreed with Satan during the great feud (38:69), the angels suggested that we should be banished to Hell (Appendix 7). But the Most Merciful decided to give us another chance to redeem ourselves. He said to the angels, ``I know what you do not know'' (2:30). God knew that many humans would have protested that they had no idea how bad Hell was. The awesome description of Hell in 14:17 and in 22:19-22 nullifies such a protest. Now we have a pretty good idea how terrible Hell is.

*14:21 Frequently, the Quran talks about the Hereafter in the past tense. This is because those are future events already witnessed by God, and will surely come to pass.

*14:48 This prophecy is also found in the Old Testament (Isaiah 65:17 & 66:22) and the New Testament: ``What we await are new heavens and a new earth where, according to his promise, the justice of God.

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